80 full automatic disc purifier - STJ-80DP-G-B

  • 产品名称: 80 full automatic disc purifier - STJ-80DP-G-B
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 Main Technical Parameters of 80 Oil Purifier
Application, Characteristic and main technical parameters
1. Application
This oil filter machine can remove solid pollutant and water & air both dissolve and free stage from the oil.  It is  can be used for aviation hydraulic oil, engine hydraulic oil, industry lubricant, diesel and so on to lengthen the machine serve life and cut down malfunction rate. So it can be applied to many industries, such as iron, mine, engine making, paper making, rubber, aviation, vessel, power and so on
2 Characteristic
(1) Grasp core technology, customize according to customers’  requirements.
(2) The round guide plate of this oil filter is made of Titanium alloy TC1. Located between the involutes ribs, shaped in echelonment, the extra oil filter ribs act as a secondary purification device to enhance the purification effect three times compare to others without replacement of round guide plate for the whole life.
(3) This oil filter machine has the largest flow volume to hold sewage and water, and high intelligent guarantees its automatic running without watching for 24 hours.
(4) This oil filter machine can realize automatic self-cleaning by hydromechanics calculation and PLC control, so as to drain the dregs and water to the carrying case automatically without disassembly frequently.
(5) Wide application scope. This oil filter machine is running normally in the environment with oil kinematic viscosity 680mm2/s with a flow reduction.   This is a new level that the other high accuracy oil filter machines can hardly to catch up with.
(6) High filter efficiency.  This oil filter machine can lower NAS1638 stage for 0.5 by only one time purifying process, which other oil filter machine can not achieve.
Main technical parameters:


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