Warmly celebrate Weihai Suotong Efficient Technology Co., Ltd website launched

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            Warmly celebrate Weihai Suotong Efficient Technology Co., Ltd website launched

 Weihai Suotong Efficient Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech private enterprise aiming at research, manufacture and selling of “Suotong” oil purification machine. The company takes “save, purification and refinement of oil” as purpose, “environment protection” as responsibility, aiming at research and innovation. With strong technical power, global sourcing and Japanese manufacture process, now the company has already manufactured 3 series, 9 models oil purification equipment, which can be applied to power, oil, chemical engineering, metallurgy, mine, engine, aviation, vessel, railway, edible oil processing and electronics.  All the above made Weihai Suotong Efficient Technology Co., Ltd a diversification and wide-range automatic high-tech oil purification equipment manufacturer.

       Our product has reached the USA NAS1638 stage 3, which is the highest pollution stage, and water content can reach 0.0013PPM after multiple filter and purification. Air content after purification also ranks the best among the world. At the same time you will save more than two million a year by saving filter element and electric fee. 
The company based on the “integrity and profession” policy, providing customer the most complete technology and service of oil purification.