The Advantage of Suotong Centrifugal Oil-purification Equipment

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Suotong‘s product advantage

1.This oil filter machine guarantees the best oil quality---3~ 4 stage and can quickly lower NAS1638 stage for 0.5 by only one time filtration。 In this way to reduce the online machine failure rate and lengthen the serve life.
2.With max flow of 150L/min, this oil filter machine sets the new record for filtration efficiency. (for example, this machine can filter 10m³ oil from 12 stage to 3-4 stage in 2-3 days, 2-6 times the  other machines at present.)
3.This oil filter machine is the only one that is running normally in the environment with oil kinematic viscosity 680㎡/s
4.With high efficiency of dehydration and cleanness, this oil filter machine can reach PPM 12 level, which is the peak stage in the same industry
5.Wide application scope and high accuracy, this oil filter machine can remove water, gas and impurity one time without watching.
6.Centrifugal principle, zero consumable, no heating, low cost, energy-saving and environment-protective (A. Save enterprise hundreds of thousands of dollars for saving filter element B. save enterprise hundreds of thousands of dollars for low power)
7.Fully automatic running without watching for 24 hours to save labor cost
8.This oil filter machine is coming up with centrifugal principle to filter oil without heating to prevent the oil from oxidation, in this way it can lengthen the oil serve life and save the enterprise hundreds of thousands per year by saving oil.
9.This oil filter machine is suitable for heavy industry. Except saving cost, it can also shorten the big oil station inspection period for almost half a month, which will create value for the enterprise for at least one hundred million
10.This oil filter machine is also suitable for aviation hydraulic oil and can reach the filter precision peak-0 stage.
11.This oil filter machine is high stability, low failure rate, so it can save maintaining cost and create more value for the enterprise.
12.Grasp core technology, customize according to customers’ requirements.
13.The round guide plate of this oil filter is made of titanium alloy TC1. Located between the involutes ribs, shaped in echelonment, the extra oil filter ribs act as a secondary purification device to enhance the purification effect three times compare to others without replacement of round guide plate for the whole life.
        To sum up, hundreds of million returns brought by the equipment is far beyond the cost itself.